Blur TVL Soars, OpenSea Outperforms – Who Will Win the NFT Race?

• Blur’s TVL witnessed a huge spike in growth due to the rise of the protocol.
• OpenSea managed to outperform Blur in terms of daily activity, despite its large TVL.
• The native token APE is seeing a decrease in price and network growth.

Blur’s Growth

The Blur protocol has seen significant growth lately, with its TVL reaching an all-time high. This has put pressure on marketplaces such as OpenSea, which still managed to have more daily active users on its network than Blur did. Additionally, 11% of trading volume on Blur was found to be due to wash trades.

OpenSea’s Market Dominance

OpenSea currently captures 46.1% of all NFT trades made in the ecosystem, making it the leading marketplace for NFTs. Despite this competition from Blur, both platforms saw growth across various sectors due to their respective successes in blue chip NFTs like BAYC and MAYC.

MAYC Collection Performance

Data from NFTGO showed that the average price of the MAYC collection increased by 10.73%, along with an increase in trading volume by 222.79% within 24 hours – indicating positive performance for this collection over time.

APE Token Struggles

The native token APE has not been performing as well as its associated collections; prices have fallen significantly and there is no interest from new addresses looking at acquiring it at press time. Daily active addresses transferring APE have also decreased recently – suggesting a bleak future for this token overall.


Blur’s rapid ascent into the NFT space has been met with both success and strife; while some elements such as TVL are doing well others (such as APE) are struggling to keep up with the competition posed by other marketplaces such as OpenSea