AI-Powered Crypto Platform Launches with ChainGPT Support!

• ChainGPT is launching DexCheck, an AI-powered crypto/Web3 platform
• The platform provides analytics and trading tools for blockchain assets and NFTs
• DexCheck will be launching its $DCK token via an IDO on the ChainGPT Pad

ChainGPT Launches AI-Powered Crypto/Web3 Platform

ChainGPT is a leading AI Infrastructure provider for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry that recently announced the induction of DexCheck into its Incubation program. DexCheck is a platform providing a suite of services with precision analytics applicable to a broad range of insights. It’s mission is to cater to as wide an audience as possible with industry-leading technology augmented by machine learning applications and social intelligence functionality.

Features of the Platform

The software can be accessed here: Some of the features that are already functioning include: Top Crypto traders leaderboard – Tracking system for monitoring elite token traders; Top NFT traders leaderboard – Tracking system for monitoring elite NFT flippers; Mirror trading bot – Automated copy trading feature that replicates successful strategies from expert investors and more.

Launch of DCK Token

DexCheck will be launching its $DCK token via an IDO on the ChainGPT Pad. This token will act as utility within the platform by allowing users to access additional premium features such as advanced data analysis tools, automated arbitrage bots, and tailored investment recommendations through their own portfolio dashboard.

Benefits of Using DexCheck

Using this platform offers various benefits including cost savings from eliminating manual research processes, improved accuracy in decision making due to machine learning capabilities, faster market insights through integrated sentiment analysis tools, greater security from a team dedicated to keeping user data safe and private, along with access to other exclusive features available only through $DCK tokens.


With its new website, deeper network of connections, world-class plan of action; ChainGPT’s launch of Dexcheck provides users with the necessary infrastructure to help them succeed in their pursuits within the crypto economy.